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What it’s like to mountain bike

I used to not love mountain biking, but after going to a few practices I started to really like it. One reason I like to mountain bike is it gives me a chance to get outside and have fun with other people, which is much better that being cooped up at home!

Another reason I like mountain biking is there is always new trails if you get tired of doing the same trails. You can also always go at your own pace, if you want to go slow you can, or fast.

Being on the mountain biking team is really fun and you get to meet lots of new people and go on lots of cool trails that you can visit even if you aren’t in practice. When you aren’t doing practice, sometimes Cora hosts trail days, when you can go and help fix up trails and sometimes even make new trails.


The first race I was a little nervous, but as long as you do what the coaches tell you to do at practice, you’re sure to do good. In my first race I got 4th which may sound really good, but I got 4th out of maybe 10 people, so don’t be too impressed. Most of the races are similar to each other, so if you get the hang of things in the first race, you’re probably going to do good in all of the other races also.

After a race, people can stay afterwards to help clean up, and after everything is cleaned up, people can go and get your medal if you got in the top three or can just see who’s getting medals. After your race is finished you can go and cheer on the rest of the team.


When I did my first mountain biking practice, we did about 2 miles and was really tired after that. Then we started going with the team more regularly, and I started to be able to start doing 5+ miles without being tired nearly as much.

Practices are fun because we get to bike on two different trails so it’s not always the same trail. At practices we usually start by learning a new skill or practicing a skill we have already learned, and after that we usually ride for the rest of the practice, or we might stop about 15 minutes early to do a game called “Foot Down” where everyone gets into a circle, and you try surviving as long as you can without putting your own foot down while also trying to make other people put theirs down. Foot Down is really fun, but we don’t do every day we only do it sometimes.

After everyone gets back form riding or when foot down is over then everyone gets together, and coaches wrap up practice by asking questions like what our favorite part of practice was or if we crashed somewhere. After that they tell us where we will be practicing next and when the next practice will be. The trails at practice at the beginning were hard for me but after a few times we had gone they started to get easier.

Practice usually last 2 hours to 2 and a half hours, but if it starts raining, we might stop early or talk under a shelter.

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