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About NKY Roots

NKY Roots is a co-ed mountain biking team for grades 6-12. The team rides and races in the Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League.

We’re a composite team, which means we don’t represent any single school, and anyone in our local area can join! There are no tryouts. Everyone rides no matter their ability and skill level. Racing is optional and not required to join the team.


NKY Roots is lucky to have a great, and large, group of coaches. All coaches who lead and ride at practices and races are required to obtain NICA coaching certification which includes background checks and training per NICA standards in concussion awareness, risk management and first-aid. We currently have 22 NICA certified coaches! The team is led by Head Coach, Brian Bozeman, and Team Director, Michelle Miller.


Our team is composed of approximately 50 male and female athletes from across Northern Kentucky. Our riders come from several different schools across the area and have varying levels of experience. Some have been riding competitively for years, and for others this is the first time riding on trails. All are welcome!

Season & League

The season runs from August to October and we race in the the Kentucky Interscholastic Cycling League which is part of NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association.

Practice & Races

We’ll start practices in July and the official race season consists of 5 total races in August – October. More info on race dates and locations can be found at and be sure to look through our races page for our experiences at previous races. One of the great things about the races is you can pick and choose which ones you want to go to. You can participate in all 5 races, just 1, or none. We normally practice twice a week in the evening and alternate between Tower Park in Fort Thomas and England Idlewild in Burlington for our practice locations.

A NKY Roots team member speeding on their bike towards the finish line with other team members cheering.

Learn more about the races

Smiling girl in green and orange NKY Roots jersey and pink helmet at the start of the race.

Learn more about our practices

If you want to join, or if you just want more information, you can contact us here!